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Think of me as your change agent to better health and ultimately a more vibrant you. My unique approach to natural healthcare is critical in achieving your desired health goals, using the best of evidenced based natural medicines.  

Each person is different, each health issue is different that’s why you need a bespoke approach to your health with one-on-one support along the way.  Your own personal natural health coach – how great could that feel?

I focus on a powerful natural approach for achieving optimal health, getting to the root cause of how you are feeling not just alleviating the symptoms.  You will feel empowered with the knowledge of how to look after yourself & be on your way to a more VIBRANT you.    


Initial Consultation: $280 - 80 minutes

(sorry, there’s a wait list for new patients - please use the contact form or phone to book)

A comprehensive discussion to understand your complete health picture including current health issues and medications, medical history, all body systems, lifestyle factors such as exercise, food, home life, work life etc.  

This in-depth process helps us to build a detailed health picture, understand your needs and identify how we can work together to support you. Included in the cost is a health appraisal questionnaire which you will complete at home and send to me in advance for a full review.  

Our first session together really aims to get to the bottom of why, how to move forward & what it will take to get you there.  The body is one aspect we focus on, plus the mind & soul - get ready to know yourself even more & truly meet that vibrant version of you.

Second Consultation: $155 - 60 minutes

This is critical in ensuring you get what you need to achieve the health outcomes you desire.  Now that we have a comprehensive picture from the Total Health Review, we will discuss your  bespoke program. This may include: food, exercise and lifestyle suggestions plus herbal and nutritional medicines. I offer a bespoke service, no two programs are identical, you are in charge of what you wish to achieve and what you will commit to.  Everything is designed so you achieve results!

Continuing Consults: 

These are essential to maintain momentum with your change progress, you can choose the appropriate consult to suit your needs:

  • 90 minutes: $230

  • 60 minutes: $155

  • 30 minutes (phone only): $80

Consults can be held either in-person, phone or SKYPE - flexible to suit your needs & for long distance appointments.

Health Fund Rebates are available for Naturopathic consultations - contact your health fund to find out more.

functional health testing & you

Have you recently had some blood tests with your GP and didn't really feel you got any information from them? Do you feel something is wrong and you want answers? I offer a huge range of services that may help you to find the answers you seek:

Deciphering Your Blood Tests $100:

I have had over 20 years experience at reading Pathology Reports (blood test) & will provide you with a Comprehensive Report of what they mean. It's like unravelling a puzzle! You can do this as a one off service for $100, just make a booking today and send me a copy of your blood test results (from the past 12 months) or as part of your Naturopathic program with me when you sign up as a Client 

Functional Health Testing:

Working in collaboration with accredited laboratories in Australia and the United States, we can test a whole variety of key indicators to help you discover what is going on with your health. A small selection of tests are below

  1. Adrenal Health - are you tired all the time? or have no energy in the morning and start to rev up at 10pm+?

  2. Thyroid Health - cold hands & feet, can't lose weight easily, you may have low thyroid function

  3. Food Allergy & Intolerance Testing - tired of being in pain or bloated after eating? You may have a food intolerance or allergy, so it's worth getting tested

  4. Genetic Testing - ever wondered what is buried in your DNA and may manifest as health issues in life? Consider doing the genetic test to find out more

  5. Heavy Metals & Toxins - has your health felt compromised for a long time, recurrent immune infections, tired all the time? It may be heavy metals in your body from mercury fillings, different medications or the environment

  6. MTHFR - the buzz is all about this genetic SNP, we can test for it easily

  7. Female Hormone Testing - trouble with your menstrual cycle, PCOS, Endometriosis, or difficulty getting pregnant? Consider having comprehensive hormone testing with the Dutch Comprehensive Test, it's the bomb!

Laboratories I work with: Precision Analytic (USA), Doctors Data (USA), QML, Nutripath Integrative Pathology, 23andMe and many others.

As part of your Naturopathic Consultation, we can discuss whether testing is appropriate & which tests are optimal based on your specific health needs.  



I am committed to your success and provide you with ongoing support like nowhere else.  During your initial consultation, we will identify what strategies are ideal to achieve your desired health outcomes and you are comfortable to commit to.  It’s like a contract between you and me to achieve your optimal health.



For over 15 years I managed world leading natural medicine brands, so I know a ton about superior quality & which formulations significantly effect physiological change. 

All products I recommend are fully evaluated & must meet stringent standards before they are included in my own dispensary. I prescribe ‘Practitioner Only’ products exclusively (these are not available in the retail stores).  

i can help with: 

  • Female hormonal issues

  • Premenstrual syndrome

  • Menopause

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Stress

  • Mild/moderate depression

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Immune health issues

  • Low Thyroid, Hashimoto's

  • Recurrent/chronic infections

  • Ross River Virus

  • Herpes, Shingles

  • Poor metabolism

  • Digestive issues

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Coeliac Disease

  • Bowel parasites & bacteria issues

  • Plus much more, just ask me...


  • Deciphering Your Blood Tests

  • Adrenal & Thyroid Functional Testing

  • Food Allergy & Intolerance Testing

  • Female Hormone Testing

  • Genetic Testing

  • Plus much more...



"When I first discovered ‘naturopathy’, it was like the unveiling of a great mystery.  I became so passionate to learn everything I could about my body, my health and its ultimate potential that I changed my career.  For over 20 years, I have never ceased to be amazed at the incredible health outcomes we can achieve." 

Amanda Williams