A tailored approach to regain vibrant health


You are a woman craving to feel like you used to, vibrant & full of life.  You are tired of just 'existing'. You want to live life to the full. 

But right now all you feel is tired and anxious. Stressed out, struggling with weight, trying to keep the family together (while not losing yourself), hormonal imbalances or thyroid problems. Something needs to change. 

Frustrated with how your body feels, you know that the discomfort is telling you something.  But how do you unlock the key to understanding these signs?

These symptoms are gifts from your body, letting you know it's time to WAKE UP + TAKE CHARGE. 


I changed my life through harnessing my inner wisdom, nutritious foods + the power of herbal medicines.

Using these very same tools over the past 17+ years as a naturopath, I have helped change the lives of hundreds of women. It is an honour to help another woman truly blossom into the finest version of herself.

There is a way to live with freedom from physical + emotional limitations.

A way to re-connect with who you truly are and rediscover a life that reflects the excitement you feel in your soul and the vibrant energy you used to have. 

Being in charge of your life, your body and your mind = more joy, happier families + a vibrant life. 

It's time for a new phase of your life to begin

"If you are serious about getting to the bottom of your health issues, I would strongly recommend Amanda! 

She is a highly experienced Naturopathic professional. She goes above and beyond in her patient’s care, from assessment, to planning a manageable path forward, to providing support (sometimes a much needed strong nudge) along your way to wellness. She is worth every penny. I have not felt this great in years.

- Meredith Matthews, Executive Manager & Mum of 3 Teenagers


Ultimately your health is your decision and I'm here to support you make vibrant choices. Together we devise a practical program that fits into your lifestyle with ease. 

I am here to facilitate your positive changes using the dynamic power of natural medicines so you feel great!

About Amanda

  • Naturopath & Medical Herbalist (qualified in 1997)
  • 17+ years in clinical practice
  • I love to help women who are seeking change, craving the best version of themselves, ready to get vibrant!
  • My unique client care approach is based on these foundations: thorough questioning & case taking, biomedical science & evidenced based natural therapies.
  • International lecturer in natural medicine - I travel to the United States a few times each year & provide doctors with natural medicine seminars 
  • International Business Manager, I work with one of the best natural medicine companies, formulating products, developing professional education & managing the north American business
  • Very grounded and non-judgemental, I absolutely love helping women to to achieve vibrant health, so my all clients say they can tell me anything - they feel so supported
  • I have a massive dose of pragmatism & am incredibly practical, totally focussed on solutions & how we can get you to that point easily
  • Plus a bloody great sense of humour :)

Professional Bio 

Amanda has over 17 years in the natural health profession & industry,  managing the leading practitioner only brands, pioneering their global expansion, presenting seminars to health professionals in the UK, US and Canada and developing best-selling natural medicine products.

As a result of working with leading natural health professionals across the world, Amanda was inspired to her own boutique clinic & develop a bespoke approach for each client to achieve optimal health.

Amanda believes that optimal health is a personal priority, but also knows that our busy lifestyles can take over and we may neglect our health, or we just take it for granted our bodies will keep functioning as they always have.  It’s only when we get really sick with recurrent infections, pain or chronic disease, that we realise it’s time to do something about our health – but as you probably know it can be  overwhelming.  

Yet most of us would agree that being healthy is critical to being able to perform at work, earn a living, support our families and enjoy life.  Many of us view our retirement years as an opportunity to enjoy travel, hobbies and a lifestyle we’ve  never had the time for – but what if you aren’t healthy enough to do any of this?

It’s never too early or too late, to start really understanding how to take care of your precious health and implementing practical strategies.  


If you would like to know more about what naturopathy is & what it covers - I've written this article for you.  

If you are ready to take the next step, into vibrant health, let's start. You can explore how we can work together and book a session using my online calendar or shoot me an e-mail to connect, explore + get started. 

with VIBRANT health, 
Amanda x