You are feeling out of touch. Tired, stressed, unwell. 

You know something isn't right, but you are not sure why. 

I'm here to help.

Welcome. I'm Amanda - internationally experienced Naturopath & Medical Herbalist. I work with women to heal their body + mind using the best of evidenced based natural medicine. We dive deep into the core of your dis-ease, unpack the physical + the emotional to take you from feeling like blah to hurrah!

Our work will empower you to feel like your old self, the most VIBRANT version of YOU. 

Brilliant, shining, healthy from the inside out. 


Ready to feel vibrantly healthy again? Let me help you. As a Naturopath with more than 17 years experience I've helped hundreds of women regain their sense of self & rekindle the relationship with wellbeing utilising the best of evidenced based natural medicines. I would love to help you re-discover that vibrant woman within you too.  

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1:1 Consultations

Our work together is a journey into your full health - body + mind. We get to the bottom of why you are unwell, unpacking the real causes & stepping in to vibrant health.  I focus on getting you results naturally.  You will leave with a tailor made naturopathic program to take you from flat to vibrant. It's time to meet that person within YOU.

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"Amanda is kind, caring + a health professional like no other.

Her knowledge + expertise is nothing short of extraordinary.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her work to ANY WOMAN desiring deep + long lasting health and energy."

- Jenna Ward, Kinesiologist,